The hyper-networked world is producing increasingly more data


In 2016, more mobile phones were used for the first time than there are people living on this earth.

* Estimated world population at the end of 2016 / Source: Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision


According to forecasts, the number of connected devices and people will increase to 50 billion by 2020.

* Source: Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision


Estimated volume of data in 2020: 4.4 zettabytes = 44 trillion gigabytes.

* Source: IDC


Virtual containers that Google creates and discards every week – each inquiry is a container: 2 billion

Data – trailblazer for digital business innovations

The numbers are impressive. Some see them as problems while others see opportunities. The latter predominate. Taking advantage of these opportunities is decisive in the race for a leading spot in the digital business world. The companies most likely to gain a winning spot in the market are those that are able to adapt to a digitalized business world. These companies have to manage a continually increasing flood of data, maximize its value, and transfer it to data-driven business models.
Four hypotheses on the mechanisms of digital success
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The digital world — a reality check with 600 CEOs and CIOs ...

view digitalization as critical to success and want to accelerate it
regard digitalization as a balancing act between opportunities and risks
attribute the failure of digital projects to a lack of responsibility on the part of management
Source: Fujitsu – Der digitale Drahtseilakt (The digital balancing act) / January 2016

Digitalization as a critical success factor

The overwhelming majority of decision-makers are sure of one thing: digitalization will determine business success. Yet the results of a survey of 600 CEOs and CIOs in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Spain reveal a considerable degree of uncertainty. The strongest indicator: almost 75 percent of those surveyed view the implementation of digital projects as a lottery.

The safe path to the digital world of data

Many companies feel overwhelmed when it comes to the pace of digital innovation. They lack the right resources and skills for networking, innovating and designing infrastructures for an agile business. NetApp and Fujitsu reach out to companies in this situation – with a digital partnership on the basis of

  • an agreed and integrated solution portfolio for

  • connecting people, information and infrastructures,

  • in order to benefit from data and convert it to added value.