Hybrid IT

Even if customers find it necessary to keep certain data in-house, they can still use cost-effective and high-performance cloud services. What’s more, flexible changes in the balance between cloud-based and traditional IT services will help decide the success of a company in the future.
The most open, agile and compatible cloud platform on the market at the moment is K5! The Fujitsu K5 cloud service reduces complexity, accelerates innovation and reduces the time needed to establish new cloud-based services. Companies achieve greater efficiency and shorter roll-out times of up to 30 percent for new systems and applications thanks to faster development and release cycles. The new Fujitsu cloud service is the only completely scalable, company-focused and OpenStack-based cloud service that allows the migration and transformation of traditional corporate IT environments and integration in cloud-hosted, digital applications.

Learn more about Hybrid IT by facing the five challenges of digitalization.

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