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Taking baby steps into the cloud with NFLEX

Author: Oliver Delachapelle

The creeping evolution of Hybrid IT infrastructure into almost every organization is an excellent example of how CIOs must balance the day-to-day effective operations of company IT systems with the never-ending quest of finding new ways to remain competitive. There’s also significant pressure to do more with less, often with aging infrastructure built up in layers over many years. And, to add to this already challenging list, ambitious leadership teams want to be seen and recognized to be driving change.

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Reasons to consider a Converged Infrastructure in the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure age

Author: Michael Keegan

It’s one of the hype topics of the decade: if you are to believe everything that’s claimed, then hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) are the answer to pretty much every need in the data center of tomorrow – whether you’ve yet to identify the problem or not. But just like many other hot technologies, HCI is not the infrastructure holy grail: It still has its limitations.

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Public cloud storage now cost-effective and compliant

Author: Michael Erhard

Legislation such as GDPR requires stricter compliance rules for business data. But what if your company is a customer of a public and virtual private cloud provider?

This is no problem for users of Fujitsu's and NetApp's cloud service K5. With immediate effect, both companies now offer the possibility to consolidate and store data privately in a freely selectable location from one or more public clouds.

The service K5 is particularly interesting for companies that want to combine cost-effective solutions with legally secure data storage. After all, costs are shared when using a public cloud.
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Adoption of Technology – Five Things You Must Do

Author: David Best

In recent research by Fujitsu 73% of executives surveyed said that technology lies at the heart of their organisation’s ability to thrive in this digital era. So what does it take to successfully transform technology in the digital landscape?
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The world may be in chaos, but your data doesn’t have to be

Author: Martin Warren

One of the most prominent news items of the past few months has been the US elections, and two candidates with dramatically different approaches to technology and data privacy. The election has brought the issue of data privacy further into the public eye.
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Crossing the river with confidence: Leveraging Fujitsu’s Experience to Achieve Digital Transformation

Author: Ian Price

Claire Findell’s fascinating blog ‘Sipping Our Own Champagne’: The Cliché Becomes Reality inspired me to try and create a new business buzz phrase. (You never know, it might go viral!) So, here goes. It’s ‘Crossing the River’ and it’s based on an Ashanti proverb: “Only when you have crossed the river can you say the crocodile has a lump on its snout.”
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Workload Mobility: Staying Compatible Across Clouds

Author: Gali Kovacs

When it comes to workload mobility in the cloud, the solution involves going beyond replicating some VMware stack to the cloud. Mobility is not about constrained migration of a static environment. It's about complete services that can be provisioned quickly, without freezing or shutting down a workload.
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The 5 hottest Hybrid IT trends you need to know about

Author: Steve Isherwood

We started the Hybrid Hive with the intention of bringing together some of the best minds in the business to explore the latest trends in Hybrid IT.

The idea was – and still is – to get right into the nitty-gritty of what makes this approach so effective and give our readers insight they can apply back in the real world.
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How shadow IT can sabotage IT agility

Author: Jeff Bower

Shadow IT: Technology, as in devices, software, and services, outside the ownership, control or knowledge of IT.

Finding a high-tech enterprise without shadow IT is like finding a three-legged unicorn. Since the beginning of IT, there have been business groups purchasing hardware, software, and/or a specific web services without going through their corporate IT team. The rise in web-based apps, cloud computing, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies has only made bypassing IT easier.
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With big data comes big responsibility: retailers must respond to the risk of cyber-crime

Author: Andy Herrington

2016 was host to some of the most high-profile and largest data breaches known to date. LinkedIn, Yahoo, and PayAsUGym were just a few of the big brands that found themselves in the spotlight responding to large-scale issues.
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Why agile delivery is a critical success factor for digital transformation

Author: Kenny MacIver

Lombard International Assurance’s head of IT, Renaud Marquet, outlines how the wealth-structuring solutions company has built a digital platform that is perfectly aligned to its users’ needs.

The digital revolution is not only spawning new business models and disrupting markets; it is dramatically changing customers’ expectations of the digital user experience (UX). Whether shopping online or performing work tasks, users expect to engage with digital platforms that are mobile, intuitive and attuned to the activity they are undertaking.
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Three Steps to Defining a Cloud-First Strategy

Author: Matt Brown

As NetApp’s business goals evolve, so must IT. We constantly look at ways to streamline IT processes to become more efficient in terms of cost and agility. When we looked to the cloud as a possible solution, we discovered the real conversation has evolved from ‘to cloud or not to cloud?’ into ‘how to cloud and why.’
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Laying the foundations for the digitalization of the energy industry

Author: Maxine-Laurie Marshall

Thomas Habel, CIO at Alpiq, reveals how the electricity and energy services company has underpinned its digitalization strategy by moving its IT infrastructure to a managed cloud service.
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Do Cloud Your Way with New NetApp Data Fabric Solutions

Author: Lee Caswell

Read the blog article by Lee Caswell, NetApp Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing, about the way you can cloud your way with new NetApp Data Fabric Solutions.
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Introducing NFLEX: The Latest Converged Infrastructure Solution from NetApp and Fujitsu

Author: Andy Sayare

Data management is changing. The adoption of public, private, and hybrid clouds requires IT administrators to manage data that is increasingly distributed, dynamic, and diverse. IT resources must be deployed quickly into on-premises, off-premises, and remote environments. Fujitsu and NetApp are committed to providing its customers with high-performance, simple solutions to manage their data and IT resources. With this goal in mind, NetApp and Fujitsu are taking the next steps in their 20-year partnership. Together, we have more than 100 person years of engineering investment in data center solutions. As partners, we are introducing the NFLEX Converged Infrastructure platform.
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NFLEX Combines Fujitsu Servers and NetApp All-Flash Arrays to Create Innovative Converged Infrastructure Solution

Author: Melissa Palmer

As part of the joint NFLEX NetApp and Fujitsu engineering team, Melissa Palmer gives a closer look at the technical details of NFLEX.
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