The smart way of data management

The most efficient way to the top with smart data management: The rapidly increasing pace of digitalization with numerous new data sources and ever-growing volumes of data touches the foundations of traditional IT. Companies that perceive this as an opportunity instead of a threat will turn the digital transformation into success stories for themselves with enhanced growth, sales and earnings. Intelligent smart data strategies, solutions and technologies from Fujitsu and NetApp are strong incentives on this journey.

The 360-degree view – in real time

The intelligent use of data is more in demand than ever. It should and must overcome the restrictions of traditional business intelligence and therefore enable a 360-degree perspective in real time of all the aspects of the business fabric that are relevant to success and decision-making. What is expected from this is a more accurate reflection of reality and the ability to gain groundbreaking insights from data for shaping the future.

Think big. Start small. Learn fast.

Smart data with Fujitsu and NetApp includes a diverse and coordinated portfolio of tools, technologies and services that lead companies to their goals using different strategies and methods based on their individual needs. The smart concept dictates thought and action: think big, start small and learn fast. This smart data and analytic practice encourages the rapid development and testing of ideas, scrutinizes concepts for their feasibility and accelerates the implementation of solutions that have proven meaningful and useful.

Central component: Data Fabric

The Data Fabric platform developed by NetApp is a central element of a smart data strategy. It combines two things that are especially important in the era of digital transformation: the retention of control of corporate data and an openness and flexibility as regards innovation. This opens up the prospects for forward-looking data management, which makes data available precisely where it is needed at all times and without major effort. Data Fabric therefore combines data management of cloud and on-premise resources and supports a dynamic data and workload shift across all resources.
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