Software-defined & cloud

Traditional infrastructures were not built to withstand the enormous stream of data coming in. With this in mind, independent analyst firms are forecasting that companies will specifically wish to gain more flexibility, efficiency, advanced automation and dynamic scalability thanks to the most modern IT infrastructures. The message is clear - we have arrived in the data age, and the need for highly efficient data management infrastructures with easy system administration and cross-cloud capabilities is enormous. These must cover all internal and external guidelines for data protection and security.
Fujitsu and NetApp ensure this harmony through a single source:
perfectly orchestrated, tested and quickly implemented “plug and play” infrastructures with PRIMERGY servers and NetApp data management systems. The software-defi ned data management solution ONTAP Select allows PRIMERGY servers to be converted into flexible and efficient data management platforms.
Together with that, Companies want their data to be continually available, quickly and reliably – even after a power failure, system crash or other unforeseen incident.
However, regular backups generally demand time and storage space. The solution to this problem is Backup to the Cloud, also known as backup as a service.
Companies can use AltaVault from NetApp to reduce their recovery costs significantly, while ensuring full compatibility with all leading backup and archiving solutions. Although AltaVault only takes around 30 minutes to set up, it offers end-to-end security with Level-1-validated encryption.